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Executive Recruitment Consultants

We attract, develop and retain the right people, so your business thrives.

In a world bursting with talent, why do up to 75% of decision-makers struggle to find the right person for the job? We believe it’s all about understanding the bigger picture. To build a high-performing leadership team, you need to look beyond the CV and consider the needs and potential of each individual.

We’re an executive recruitment and talent management company that delivers exceptional outcomes for clients all over the world. Our consultants have a collective 150 years of experience, so we understand how to:


Attract executives with the intellectual, technical and emotional skills you need to achieve your business goals.


Develop and nurture the right people in the right way, so they add value to your business


Get the most out of people, so you can retain your most promising leaders and help them flourish.

Top Talent In Your Organisation

If you’re looking for extraordinary business leadership, you need executive recruitment consultants who believe that ordinary isn’t enough. Want to know more? Get in touch with us to chat about the future of your business.

The Reddin Way

Our values define who we are, what we believe and how we work.

They guide every decision we make and inspire us to do better, every day. We call these values The Reddin Way.

We Put People First

People are more than a CV or a list of skills. They’re complex individuals, each with their own motivators, aspirations and drivers. That’s why we focus on the people you need in your business, not the roles you need filled.

We Listen and Understand

You can’t solve a problem until you understand it. We spend time understanding your whole business and the challenges you face, so we have the information we need to develop a solution that works.

We Find the Right Solution

The fastest or easiest solution isn’t always the best one. In fact, it may cost you more in the long run. We look at your problem from every possible angle, to help you achieve your short and long-term business goals.

We’re Open and Honest

You’ve probably heard this before. But when we say we work with honesty, integrity and trust, we mean it. You may not always want to hear what we have to say, but you can be sure that it’s always in your best interests.

We Never Give Up

Attracting, developing and retaining exceptional people isn’t easy. We draw on our collective 150 years of experience to deliver a positive outcome for your team and business, no matter how difficult or complex the challenge may be.

We’re Driven by Detail

Our clients are always pleasantly surprised at the level of quality and detail in our work. We believe our attention to detail helps you make better business decisions and create high-performing teams.

“No consultant-speak, no half truths, no passing off database search or mere networking as true search. A desire to ask questions and establish facts rather than running on assumptions. This is pretty unique among the consultants out there.”
Senior Manager, Mining and Resources
“The competition is inferior in price, pitch, outcome and service.”
HR Director, Leading FMCG Manufacturer
“Reddin Partners’ ability to search overseas markets and identify top talent resulted in the appointment of a world recognised leader in this field to our CEO role.”
Board Member, Semi Government Organisation
“Their rigorous process has proved accurate in predicting the effectiveness of individuals, while their insight into development needs has helped me optimise team potential and performance.”

CEO, Public Company
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